Nov 26, 2011

Images of Christmas Past

We're getting ready to decorate the house for Christmas.  Before we get started, I thought I'd pull out a few pictures from years past.

Boykin Spaniel in front of Christmas Presents | The Lowcountry Lady

This was our first Christmas after we were married.  We brought Ellie home just a few months after our wedding, when I moved back to Florida.  All Jason wanted, was to get home to South Carolina.  We didn't know at the time, but it wouldn't be too much longer before he got his wish.  This was also before we painted the walls in the entire condo Highlighter Yellow by accident, but that's another story.

Boykin Spaniel Reindeer in front of Christmas Presents | The Lowcountry Lady

This picture was taken just a few week after we moved into our house in Charleston.  We didn't buy a Christmas tree that year.  I think we were still busy unpacking from the move.  It was a wonderful year for Jason, Ellie and me because we had finally made it back to SC!

Boykin Spaniel Puppy in front of Christmas Tree | The Lowcountry Lady

This one was our first year with sweet Oakley.

I can't wait to decorate the house this year and take pictures with our most recent family addition!

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