Sep 15, 2012

Hiding spot for Ellie?

All kids seem to love secret little hiding spots, don't they?  I remember spending all kinds of time putting together make-shift tents or forts when I was younger (I did grow up with two brothers which may have had something to do with it too).

Anyway, I recently saw an idea for a tent that can be thrown over a table on Pinterest and set out to create one for my little guy.

DIY homemade table tent for kids | The Lowcountry Lady

You could definitely use scrap fabric or even old or unused sheets to make one of your own. I didn't have enough so I picked some up from a local fabric store.

Steps to create your own:

1. Determine the length, width and height of your table.

2.  I recommend adding at least 3 inches to your measurements so you'll have enough to sew the seems. I also wanted the fabric to drape on to the floor a little so I added a bit more height to the sides, front & back.

DIY homemade table tent for kids | The Lowcountry Lady

3.  Choose any fabric you like. Since my fort is for a little boy, I kept that in mind when finding my fabric. I also wanted something that would hold up well and that could be washed.

4. I bought brown for the roof, brick red for the walls, and also a small amount of mesh-like fabric for the window. I did have some scrap at home that I decided to use for the trim and backing for the door

5.  Cut out each of your panels.

6. Sew the bottom (part closest to the floor) of your sides, front & back.

7. Determine the size and shape of your door. I opted to create a flap that could be tied open at the top. You could also create more of a slit type door and if you want to get fancy with that, also consider how the fabric on each side of the slit could be tied back. This might be a cuter route for a tent for girls.

8.  Cut the door.

9. If you want to finish the door with trim, you should do that now, otherwise just sew the edge to create a more finished tent.

10.  Sew fabric on the back of the door if you choose.

11. Sew on ribbon or strips of fabric to tie the door open.

12.  Determine the size and shape of windows and cut the fabric out. I did one simple rectangle but you could do squares and even add fabric trim or ribbon to make window panels.

13. If you choose to add mesh fabric to the windows, cut that to size. Sew trim and mesh on to complete the windows.

14.  Sew the front, sides & back panels to the top panel.

15.  Sew the corners shut and you're done!

My little one is fast asleep so I'll have to wait until tomorrow to see how he likes it. In the meantime, Ellie tested it out and loves it!

DIY homemade table tent for kids | The Lowcountry Lady

(updated) My little guy loves it too!

DIY homemade table tent for kids | The Lowcountry Lady

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