Nov 11, 2013

Diet Coke Can Wedding "Cake"

Diet Coke Can Wedding "Cake" | The Lowcountry Lady

We kind of have this thing going on my team at work, that when you have a birthday, or other reason to celebrate, you get a cake from the team.  Not a real cake, but a make-shift cake comprised of something you're known to love.

Well, one of my friends on the team is getting married this weekend, so in true team style, we made her a Diet Coke Can Wedding "Cake".  I think it actually turned out pretty cute.

I've included a picture tutorial below in case you want to make a cake like this one.  

Shopping List:
  • 29 diet coke cans (I used the mini cans this time)
  • several rubber bands
  • ribbon
  • candy to top the cake (optional)
  • Elmer's glue (to hold the candy in place

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