Apr 3, 2015

Guest post: Turkey Season 2015, off to a slow start

Well, I intended for this to be a guest post, but the guest (my husband) wasn't into it.  Maybe next time.  He was willing to share a few pictures and a single comment about Turkey Season 2105, "it's off to a slow start."

Anyway, his life our lives seem to revolve around hunting seasons.  Turkey in spring, deer  and dove in the fall and fishing, well fishing is all year 'round.  Turkey season means very early wake-ups and taking as many mornings off from work as he can manage.  And on the weekends, I don't count on seeing him a whole lot.  He lives for this.  And, as for me, I've learned to be as passionate as I can, for his sake.

What does my passion look like?  I try to remember to ask the important questions; Did you hear anything? Did you see anything? How long did you wait for the bird to come in? Did you have to walk very far from place to place?  Did you get any water in your boots?

And, I try to be interested in the stories.  Anyone that knows a hunter knows about the stories.  For example, 'we were on a turkey and then 3 hens, I mean 6 hens, showed up...'  or 'we sat our there for 6 hours and heard nothing, not a pigeon, and then, all of the sudden...'  It is entertaining.  Or endearing.

Anyway, since he's not here to tell any of the stories himself, I'll share a few of his pictures.

Sunrise during Turkey Season 2015 Charleston, SC | The Lowcountry Lady

By early, I mean in time to be in the field before sunrise. It's a little bit crazy.  Wild turkeys sleep in the trees so hunters ideally need to be out there before they fly down.  I will admit, there's something amazing about being in the woods as all the creatures start to wake and hoot and heckle.

Out in the Woods Turkey Season 2015 Charleston, SC | The Lowcountry Lady

Water Shot Turkey Season 2015 Charleston, SC | The Lowcountry Lady

Tom and a Decoy Turkey Season 2015 Charleston, SC | The Lowcountry Lady

The tom in this last picture was shot by a friend of my husband.

Hopefully, I'll have more to share later in the season.  In the meantime, I'll be sleeping in.

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