Sep 12, 2015

Old Furniture

I love love love the smell of old wood furniture.  I find it relaxing and comforting.

I practically stole an old wood table today.  It was taking up space for someone so she sold it to me for next to nothing.  I loaded in the trunk and rushed off so she wouldn't have time to change her mind.

(photo courtesy of past owner)

It is very heavy, some kind of hardwood.  And it has beautiful lines.  So, it begs the classic question that anyone hooked on chalk paint faces.  "To paint, or not to paint...?"

(photo courtesy of past owner)

The finish is damaged in a couple spots so it would need quite a bit of work to fix up.  Also, some owner in the past did a terrible awful job refinishing the table with a layer of, what appears to be, black gel coat.  Gross.  And too much time and effort to sand or strip.  To paint it is!

So, now all that is left to figure out is, what color?

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